The Mi-8MT (Rus.: Ми-8МТ) Helicopters upgraded at SE “AVIAKON” serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In July 2017, State Enterprise “AVIAKON” performed check tests of     Mi-8MT helicopter equipped with the Flight Data Recorder BUR-4-1-07-01 (Rus.: БУР-4-1-07-01).


Within the framework of the Import Substitution Industrialization and aiming at enhancing the performance and making the Mi-8MT (MTV) Helicopters compatible with the up-to-date operational requirements, SE «AVIAKON” carries out a wide scope of upgrade packages.

In particular, the Enterprise developed a draft Service Bulletin for replacement of the standard analog flight data recorder SARPP-12DM (Rus.:  САРПП-12ДМ) (of Russian origin) with the domestic digital Flight Data Recorder BUR-4-1-07-01, which ensures (unlike the serial Flight Data Recorder BUR-4-1-07) recording of a bigger list of parameters onto a solid-state storage unit, as well as event signals and audio information from the intercommunication system. Installation of the domestic Flight Data Recorder BUR-4-1-07-01 makes it possible to exclude the Voice Recorder MS-61(Rus.:MC -61) or P-503B (Rus.:П-503Б) of Russian origin.

Helicopters Mi-8MT (MTV) make the bulk of the rotorcraft military and transport aviation of most countries of the world and are distinguished by their power performance and robustness, as well as for having a remarkable margin of safety.

After approval of the Check Test Report, the Service Bulletin is planned to be implemented, which will allow to install the instrument onto the helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.