SE “AVIAKON” handed over the upgraded Mi-24PU1(Rus.: Ми-24ПУ1) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Early April 2017, State Enterprise “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant  “AVIAKONcompleted the check tests of Mi-24PU1 (Rus.: Ми-24ПУ1) helicopter equipped with the engine control system instruments of domestic  origin.  The works were performed in cooperation with the scientific institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In order to implement the program of Import Substitution Industrialization for the Mi-24 Helicopters engine control system instruments, SE “AVIAKON” developed a draft Service Bulletin for replacement of the Electronic Engine Governors ERD-3VM-02 (Rus.: ЭРД-3ВМ-02) ser.2 of Russian origin with the Ukrainian Electronic Engine Governors ER2500 (Rus.: ЭР2500) ser. 01. For objective control of the operating hours of the engines at different power ratings, calculation and recording of the engine equivalent operating time and cycles, recording of inadvertent cutout of the Electronic Engine Governor ER2500 ser. 01, the Elapsed Time Counters SN2500 (Rus.: СН2500) installation is provided.

SE “AVIAKON” upgrades Мi-24P (Rus.: Ми-24П) helicopters to the version Мi-24PU1 successfully implementing the Import Substitution Industrialization policy for the needs of the Army Aviation of the Land Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Мi-24 PU1 is designated to enhance the mobility of the land forces divisions and provide fire support at the battlefield.