Mi-8MT for the Army Aviation

Mi-8MT for the Army Aviation

On April 9, 2021, State Enterprise Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant “AVIAKON” handed over to the Army Aviation of the   Ground Troops of the Army Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine an overhauled and upgraded Мi-8MT helicopter which was successfully flight tested in March.

This helicopter features the following upgrade packages:

  1. Active and passive protection of helicopter and crew members from IR guided missiles is implemented by fitting of Ukrainian IR- countermeasure station, as well as chaff and flare dispensers of different caliber. Additional protection of the cockpit is implemented by using domestically produced armor plates.
  2. Upgrade of radio navigation equipment ensures flights on international air routes in accordance with ICAO requirements (2 sets of GPS installed, radar transponder, ELT, solid-state flight data recorder capable of recording audio signal). Extremely low height flights are ensured due to replacement of obsolete equipment with up-to-date radar altimeter of western origin. Radio communication equipment is enhanced by replacement of fail-soft radio with an HF western radio.
  3. For dropping-off troops and SAR operations, helicopter was modified with the system of two-stream dropping-off system through the cargo doors and a searchlight of western origin.

For flying under adverse weather conditions helicopter can be field-modified with a weather radar of western origin.

STATE ENTERPRISE KONOTOP AIRCRAFT REPAIR PLANT “AVIAKON” today is one of the most capable and successful enterprises of  Ukrainian Defence industry, and also the only enterprise in Ukraine possessing the unique technology of complete overhaul cycle of Mil design helicopters (except for the main gearbox and main engines), as well as re-equipment and upgrade of these helicopters