AVIAKON 90 years


90 years of committed service to the Motherland!

Today, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the plant, we gratefully recall the main milestones of its rise from the very first steps up to the present.

The whole history of SE «AVIAKON» is aiming for the sky.

The date of the State Enterprise «Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant «AVIAKON» birth was September 5th, 1931, when aircraft repair workshops were established in Zaporozhye as a part of the 18th aviation brigade of Ukrainian military district.

Until 1935 the workshops production capabilities already allowed for mastering of repair of aircrafts І-16, Р-6 and ТБ-3, and later – bomber aircrafts ДБ-3А, ДБ-3Ф, as well as aviation motors М-17, М-87, М-88, М-34.

In April 1936, the workshops were subordinated to the 18th brigade 16th airbase of the Ukrainian Military Organization.

During the Great Patriotic War the 16th stationary aviation workshops were subordinate to the Southern Front. The number of personnel at that time reached 350 persons. 1941-1945 – refurbishment of aircrafts ИЛ-4, Су-2, Ил-2, ЛАГГ-3, Р-5, По-2, УТ-2, Ли-2 and aviation motors M-11, M-62 as a part of the Acting Army of the Southern Front of the Great Patriotic War.

In the autumn of 1943 the workshops were returned to Ukraine and housed in freed from occupants and ruined Kharkiv. The production process had to be launched almost from scratch. That turned to be very trying but heroic years in the life of team-spirited personnel.

In January 1945, the workshops were renamed into the 95th – Stationary Aircraft Repair Workshops and were subordinated to the 18th Air Army.

In total, during the years of the War the workshops refurbished 574 aircraft, 2368 aviation motors, 586 special vehicles.

In 1946, the workshops received a new name – the 224-th Aircraft Repair Depot, and were deployed in Konotop, known for its time-honored aviation traditions.

Up to 1952 the Aircraft Repair Depot considerably increased its production capabilities, mastered overhaul of strategic bomber Ту-4 and aviation motors АШ-73ТК, and later of turbo-propeller engines НК-12.

In August 1963 the 224-th Aircraft Repair Depot was given a new name – Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant.

1964-1996 – the plant mastered Overhaul, refurbishment and re-equipment of Mi-6 helicopters of all modifications.

З 1976 to present – Overhaul and refurbishment, re-equipment of Mi-24, Mi-25, Mi-35 helicopters of all modifications.

З 1989 till now – Overhaul and refurbishment, re-equipment of Мi-26 helicopters.

З 1992 till now – Overhaul and refurbishment, re-equipment of Mi-8, Mi-17 helicopters and their modifications.

З 1993 till now – Overhaul and refurbishment, re-equipment of Mi-2 helicopters of all modifications.

Since 1996 till now – Overhaul and refurbishment of Mi-line helicopters by SE «AVIAKON» field teams at the bases of Customers – the aircraft operators in the countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Within 2016-2018 the plant mastered overhaul of Мi-14 helicopters.

In 2019 there have been started jobs on mastering of overhaul of a completely new for the enterprise helicopter type designed by the Kamov Design Bureau –Ка-27.

Analyzing of the history of our enterprise, we can state, that it has actively participated in the State programs aimed at enhancing of the country’s defense capabilities. When AVIAKON was made a member of SCUKROBORONPROM”, it became an integral part of “the yellow and blue shield” of our State.

With the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine, 60 percent of overall production at the State EnterpriseKonotop Aircraft Repair PlantAVIAKONis designated to the state order covering helicopter overhaul and upgrade. Before the aggression against our state, the lion’s share in the enterprise’s order portfolio was comprised of foreign orders. AVIAKON holds quite strong positions on the international markets, but enemys aggression introduced its corrections into the organization of production of domestic enterprises of defense sector. The Armed Forces of Ukraine needed and still need upgraded combat and transport Мі-24 and Мі-8 helicopters.

State EnterpriseKonotop Aircraft Repair PlantAVIAKONpossesses a welldeveloped materialandtechnical base, including modern process equipment, highly qualified personnel, engineering staff and flight crews, as well as all necessary production facilities, all these taken together, allow the enterprise to successfully realize the full scope of tasks on restoration of aircraft functionality and their upgrade.

SE «АVIAKON» actively works for peacekeeping programs. Reliability of helicopters overhauled and upgraded for specific operating conditions, was many times highly evaluated by the authorities of UN peacekeeping missions.

In February 2021, by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the State Enterprise “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant “AVIAKON” was empowered to effect export of services on overhaul of military “Mil”-design helicopters and their components. Taking into account the fact, that the profitability of SE “AVIAKON” significantly depends on foreign economic activity, obtaining of the above powers by the enterprise is a decisive factor for the strategic development of foreign economic activity of the enterprise.

The nineteenth anniversary of the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant establishment coincides with another, no less important datethe thirtieth anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

The thirtieth anniversary of independence is an event of great importance. Throughout the centuries Ukrainians were struggling to this glorious day having a strong belief in the great future of their Motherland.

It was Мi-8, Мi-24, Мi-14 helicopters overhauled and upgraded by SEAVIAKON”, that soared into the sky during the celebrations of the Independence Day of Ukraine, on August 24th, 2021.

Today AVIAKON is one of the most powerful and successful enterprises of the defense industry complex of Ukraine and the only one in the country possessing a unique technology of the complete cycle “Mil”-design helicopters overhaul as well as their re-equipment and upgrade.

90 years of doing, what we do best!